Infiniti Q60 a

It costs: $70,071.

It has: A 155-kilowatt turbocharged two-litre with a seven-speed auto.

We got: 13.5 litres per 100 km in the city, 7.8 in the country. The official combined figure is 7.7.

Consensus: American inspired boulevard cruiser.


He says:

Infiniti, Nissan’s equivalent of Toyota’s premium Lexus brand, may be new in Australia but it has been operating in America for a couple of decades and is skewed towards American buyers, something you’ll realise when driving one. Most Americans drive from city to city on high quality interstate highways and while our freeways are a match for these, our country highways are another matter entirely.

Infiniti Q60 cThe Q60 is a slinky sports coupe and for a car of its size and weight it handles very well, but it achieves this by having very tight suspension. This means that ride quality is only good as long as the road is good. You won’t notice the firm ride so much in the city bit on two-lane blacktops and minor roads it gets wearingly hard. Good seating helps but can’t prevent discomfort after a couple of hours.

Everything else about this car is good. The motor is punchy without being overtly powerful and it’s nicely economical too. It’s quick off the mark and overtakes smartly. The steering is quite heavy at parking speeds but becomes a pleasure on the road with good feel, and the cabin is beautifully quiet even when the suspension is working hard.

The best thing about the Q60 is the price. An equivalent BMW is more, a Mercedes significantly more.

Rod’s verdict:
Sharply priced and sexy.

She says:

The Q60 is a car for couples and weekends. There’s precious little wriggle room in the back, even less legroom and no ventilation, and the seating is for two only. But entry and exit isn’t bad. The boot will take only one full-sized suitcase, maybe two small ones, or some soft bags if you need room to bring home a case of wine. However the rear seatback folds down with a sizeable hatch to the boot when you need it. The car has run-flat tyres, don’t look for a spare wheel or even a repair kit.

Infiniti Q60 bWhat impresses me about the Infiniti is fit and finish that’s on a par with the German brands at a significantly lower price. And it’s well equipped, with navigation and a good stereo as well as some equipment that is optional on those others. So it’s a very complete car for $70k, but if you must there’s an enhancement pack with Bose audio and noise cancellation, and a sunroof for an additional $3500.

The Q60 is good looking and entirely satisfactory for two people. And it’s very satisfying to drive with good power always available, a seamless automatic shift and excellent handling.

Given Infiniti’s predilection for pleasing Americans it’s not surprising the indicator controls are on the left and there’s a foot-operated parking brake, which they like over there. No one else does.

Sheryl’s verdict:
Not quite a BMW yet.

Published March 2017


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