VoiceIs there, hidden deep within your being, a massive, undiscovered talent? Is your true destiny to be rich, famous and loved by all? Shouldn’t there be a star on your door?

Seriously, instead of trying out for the The Voice shouldn’t The Voice be coming to you?

Of course it should and now it will. Well sort of anyway. And all it costs is $229.

Philips has unveiled a combination wireless microphone and speaker for an iPad that, in gentler times would have been called a clever karaoke machine, but it’s 2013 so it’s called The Voice. Get this and the free app that goes with it and you’ll have everything that happens on the hit television show unfolding right there at home.

The app is called The Voice on Stage and it’s on iTunes. It starts you off with a limited number of songs that you can belt out as the on-screen lyrics change colour to keep you in time with the music. If that doesn’t work there are guiding vocals to help you pick things up.

Think of these as the backing singers; when you’re done with them just kick them out of the studio merely by turning their volume down.

There’s also a handy pitch-altering feature called Auto Tune that steps in when you have difficulty reaching some of the more challenging notes. Don’t tell anyone, but professional singers have been using such software for years.

When you get it all just right record the track. A score will be given to every song you sing.

By taking part in a blind audition you can see just how you rate with the coaches and, when your confidence is up, you can challenge others by dialling up battle mode. Each performance is rated on pitch, rhythm, vocal range and voice quality.

You’ll know you’re improving when the computer starts rewarding you with more songs. Or you can pay a subscription (from $1.99 a week) to access the full offering of tracks.

Finally post your recordings online to find out just how many people out there realise that you have what it takes. You can also put them on Facebook if you’re game.

The microphone is a high sensitivity unit with a wide dynamic range and you can dial in some echo. It also has noise cancellation to ensure full attention is accorded to your talents and not the rude remarks of those muttering through a green haze of jealously.

And given that the mike is Bluetooth enabled you can detach it from its stand and wander around the room for more intimate contact with your many admirers. Handy if you wish to throw yourself bodily into the expression of song.

The speaker unit also packs Bluetooth and plays music from compatible smartphones and tablets as well as working in with The Voice.

Just to be safe we’ll end with a screamingly obvious word of warning: Do not attempt to use this equipment in the shower.