What: InDepth waterproof and shockproof iPhone cases

Price: $89.95 to $99.95

Tech Talk verdict: Assisting iPhones to a ripe old age.

05 InDepth case aA guy I know is a production assistant at a magazine and while he may be on the bottom rung of the business, at least he’s on the ladder. Recently he leaned too far over the toilet and, plop, in went his phone. To someone on his wages an iPhone is a pretty big deal. While they can be pretty miraculous, so far none of them have learned to swim.

Engaging the sort of chutzpah that will take him far in the magazine business he barrelled into the Apple shop, told them he was an electrician and did lots of very sweaty work in hot ceilings and gee, his phone didn’t work anymore. They didn’t believe him for an instant but offered him a deal on a reconditioned phone anyway.

I’ve never drowned a phone but my wife has. Left it in her jeans pocket. It was washed, spun, rinsed and spun dry; she only realised something was amiss when the dryer started banging. She explained all this to the guy at the shop hoping to get the same deal. He inspected it and told her she used too much soap in her laundry.

Lots of phone cases offer shock protection (with varying levels of success) and there are some that are moisture-resistant and even moisture-proof. Now some North Queenslanders have developed several they claim are waterproof and weatherproof, and they’re promoting them as ideal for sportspeople and those who spend lots of time outdoors.

To me this is dumb marketing. There are far more clumsy iPhone dummies than there are adventurers. They should be saying that if your phone is encased in one of these and drops into the toilet bowl it’ll be just fine (provided you can ever bring yourself to hold it against your face again). Or that it stands half a chance in a washing machine.

Mark and Terry Geddes are photographers in Cairns and no strangers to extreme environments, and they’ve been working on their phone cases for three years. They reckon they’re the toughest on the market; testing including drops at every angle from a height of two metres and immersion in two metres of water for 30 minutes. All good.

But what I liked is that the cases come with an optional extra that will resonate with anyone who’s lost a phone to water. It’s a lanyard with a float. Drop it over the side and hey, there it is. $29.95. Other options include a bottle opener and a mount for bicycles.

The cases are made with glass-filled polycarbonate and thermal polymer elastomer with anodised alloy clips and silicone seals, all of which means they’re tougher than whatever you’ve got now. They’re called InDepth and they’re $99.95 for the 5 and 5S, $89.95 for the 4 and 4S. You have your choice of orange, grey, pink and black.



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