To say I’m a fearless critic is incorrect; there are times when I’ve been scared to death of what I’ve written. Letters from lawyers can be very intimidating, writs even worse (by the way, there has never been a successful legal action against me) but they’ve never stopped me writing what I think. And of course there are the less major annoyances; throughout my many years of writing about cars Toyota kept on (and off) refusing to give me test cars and during my many years writing about home entertainment equipment I garnered outraged phone calls from, well it seemed like everyone, although Alex Encel always spoke to me. Mostly about books and movies.
I’ve retired now so I get to write what I want, as opposed to what some editor thinks is a good idea, and I get to write it when I want, which is why updates to this website can be, um, spasmodic. If you’re looking for regularly updated hard news you won’t find it here and I’m assuming you’ll go elsewhere for that anyway. Here is quirky. Odd. Stuff you won’t find elsewhere.