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  • Grim future for speed cops

    Grim future for speed cops

    Self-driving cars are inevitable. Cars are already reverse-parking themselves and braking automatically to avoid, or at least mitigate crashes. Next year Volvo will have vehicles capable of driving themselves in […]

  • Emma and Brad

    Emma and Brad

    Emma is a cool but painfully timid personal assistant. Brad is a highly successful, hungrily aggressive western Sydney car dealer. No two people could be more apart and I was […]

  • Pandora’s music box

    Pandora’s music box

    It took me about 15 seconds to become a Pandora convert. Pandora is a free on-line music library with a big difference; you don’t get to choose the music you […]

  • Terrific test movies

    Terrific test movies

    How good is your home theatre? There’s a simple way to find out – crank up a really good movie and see how your system handles it. But what movie? […]

  • Disc cleaning

    Disc cleaning

    My mate Ross is a fellow movie buff and he lately bought a film he’s been chasing for months through an Italian website, a delightfully quirky and original tale about […]