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  • Heat


    The appearance of amplifiers hasn’t changed much over the years, which is why a warranty return made to hi fi salesman Geoff Barrett was so arresting. “It looked like something […]

  • Copping FLAC

    Copping FLAC

    Music stored on computers, smart phones and digital portables has always copped a bad rap from audiophiles and the simple reason for that is that it sounds crook. That’s because […]

  • Opel Astra Select Diesel

    Opel Astra Select Diesel

    Fair dinkum, some car companies are so silly you just want to bite them. Look at Nissan. Back in 2007 it dropped the Pulsar badge, the most successful one it […]

  • The highly precise art of ro-ro boating

    The highly precise art of ro-ro boating

    In a park with a view down to the White Bay docks in Sydney I once sat fascinated as a couple of crews unloaded a car freighter. It was a […]

  • Ski racks

    Ski racks

    The motor industry is full of good stories and although many of them grow in the telling most are least based on truth – you couldn’t make this stuff up. […]

  • Speaker placement

    Speaker placement

    Lots of people buy brand new stereo systems and wind up hearing nothing but mono sound. Me, I blame retailers. Think of the last time you went into a major […]

  • Mazda MX5 Roadster

    Mazda MX5 Roadster

    Lots of those buying two seater sports cars are males of mature years. The irony of this is that it requires the flexibility of a 14-year-old to exit something this […]

  • Grim future for speed cops

    Grim future for speed cops

    Self-driving cars are inevitable. Cars are already reverse-parking themselves and braking automatically to avoid, or at least mitigate crashes. Next year Volvo will have vehicles capable of driving themselves in […]

  • Emma and Brad

    Emma and Brad

    Emma is a cool but painfully timid personal assistant. Brad is a highly successful, hungrily aggressive western Sydney car dealer. No two people could be more apart and I was […]

  • Pandora’s music box

    Pandora’s music box

    It took me about 15 seconds to become a Pandora convert. Pandora is a free on-line music library with a big difference; you don’t get to choose the music you […]