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  • Mazda CX5 Akera

    Mazda CX5 Akera

    It’s generally agreed among people like me, people who drive a different car every week and never hesitate to share our opinions with anyone in the vicinity, that the Mazda […]

  • Half a century of 911s

    Half a century of 911s

    The Porsche 911 is fifty this year and let me make an unusual admission for a motoring enthusiast; I never liked it. Not until 1999 anyway, when it got electronic […]

  • Mitsubishi Mirage

    Mitsubishi Mirage

    Research indicates that the number of car buyers taking test drives is steadily declining, and with so many cars now being pretty generic, a bit like fridges and microwaves, that’s […]

  • The catch with fixed price servicing

    The catch with fixed price servicing

    Fixed-price servicing seems to be the marketing idea de jour in motoring. Most recently Volkswagen has stepped up, offering it across the range for the first six years. Yep, six. […]

  • How to waste money on cars

    How to waste money on cars

    My brother, who changes cars like you change oil, bought one of the first Fiat 124 Coupes landed here in 1967, a gorgeous thing. When I sent him a recent […]

  • Spy photography for beginners

    Spy photography for beginners

    It all started in 1956 when a magazine editor named Jules Feldman, wearing overalls he’d borrowed from the printers, strode into GM-H’s Pagewood plant in Sydney and started snapping pictures […]

  • What we really want in cars

    What we really want in cars

    At the New York motor show Honda unveiled the first people mover with a built-in vacuum cleaner and demonstrated it by cleaning up Froot Loops that had been spread generously […]

  • The truth behind that new car smile

    The truth behind that new car smile

    Car companies have lots of marketing ideas but the most effective way to get brands and products known is to have lots of them out there on the road. Car […]

  • How to design a car

    How to design a car

    The surprising thing about Skyfall, the most recent James Bond movie, was just how good that old Aston Martin DB5 looked. It first turned up in 1964, in Goldfinger, and […]

  • Micro cars. Macro prices.

    Micro cars. Macro prices.

    Unless automotive safety standards plummet we’ll never see another microcar era. Which means that pristine examples of these thoroughly weird cars have become surprisingly valuable. In America a collection of […]