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  • Kia Cerato

    Kia Cerato

    Carbon fibre is strong stuff and very lightweight, a natural for car building. But being extremely expensive it only turns up in money-is-no-object sports cars like Ferraris and McLarens. It’s […]

  • Nissan Patrol TI

    Nissan Patrol TI

    In theory automotive product planning is straightforward; the local guys tell the overseas factory what they want and the factory makes it. Having worked for several car companies my experience […]

  • Volvo V40 T4 Luxury

    Volvo V40 T4 Luxury

    There’s something you should bear in mind about Volvo’s V40. While this is arguably the safest car in the world, especially for pedestrians, there’s much more to it than that. […]

  • Audi S6

    Audi S6

    Electronic manual gearboxes are becoming common and with emission laws tightening they’ll get more so. Volkswagen’s DSG, which is also used in Audis and Skodas, is one of the best, […]

  • Nissan Pulsar STL sedan

    Nissan Pulsar STL sedan

    Nissan Pulsars first hit the market in the late 1970s (they were Datsuns back then) and have always presented robust value. My fave was the N14 between 1990 and 1995, […]

  • Subaru Outback diesel

    Subaru Outback diesel

    I had an unusual experience a few days ago. I filled up a Subaru at a diesel pump. Now Subaru has been making cars for 60 years, most of them […]

  • It’s true about BMW drivers

    It’s true about BMW drivers

    As a pedestrian you may have developed a view about BMW drivers. As an experienced road user this view may well have been reinforced. Well here’s the latest news from […]

  • Is this the death of motor shows?

    Is this the death of motor shows?

    Motor shows were big business once. Melbourne had a big one every year, so did Sydney and Brisbane and all the state capitals. Plenty of regional cities had them too, […]

  • The high cost of optional extras

    The high cost of optional extras

    You can’t argue about the price of the reborn Fiat Punto, what I’m arguing is the price of the optional navigation. Why would I buy a Tomtom from Fiat for […]

  • Why kids don’t want a licence any more

    Why kids don’t want a licence any more

    The car industry is becoming most confusing. On one hand brands are trying to differentiate themselves by saying their products are the nicest to drive, from Subaru’s ‘All 4 the […]