03 Mumbai traffic cIt may seem like mayhem, but according to an old saying in India all you need to drive well is a good car, good eyes, good luck and a good horn.

Note that last item. Indian drivers love their horns. They honk for everything, they even honk at red lights. The theory is that if they start honking when the light is about to go to green it will ensure the car in front gets off the mark quickly.

And the police in Mumbai are sick of it. Now they have come up with a creative solution. For several months they have been testing hooking a noise level meter into some key traffic lights at the busiest Mumbai intersections. If the noise of honking horns rises above 85 decibels the red light resets and the red phase starts again from scratch. As the signs say; Honk more, wait more.

The test was deemed successful and now law enforcement bosses are figuring how the idea can be implemented across the city of 20 million people, and officials in other cities want to rig their traffic lights with honking meters, too.

Meanwhile the Mumbai police have posted a video on YouTube. You’ll love it. Search ‘traffic light honking India’.

Posted February 2020


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