Suzuki Ignis a

It costs: $17,990.

It has: A 66-kilowatt 1.2-litre four cylinder with a continuously variable auto.

We got: 6.8 litres per 100 km in the city, 4.9 in the country. The official combined figure is 4.9.

Consensus: Inexpensive, park-anywhere city runabout.


Suzuki Ignis bHe says:

Excuse me, I’ve just spent a couple of hours in an Ignis and my bum has gone to sleep. These are not the best seats in the business and both of us were squirming after an hour. Out in the country you’ll also notice that there’s a lot of noise at 110 kmh, genuinely raise-your-voice-to-be-heard stuff. But for every criticism I make of this car I keep coming back to the price. There aren’t many things in life that can equal the value here.

The Ignis has a punchy little 1.2-litre that with the aid of a most helpful gearbox gets off the mark smartly and jousts with traffic quite successfully, even if, on the open road, it needs a lot of clear road to overtake. And there aren’t many things this side of a motor scooter that run more economically.

But do bear in mind this is a city car, something you’ll only accept when you take it out of the city the first time. The ride is quite good for something this small and light, the handling is competent, but the high cabin noise, the near-enough seating and steering that’s pretty dead all make it hard work.

For students, first-time drivers and anyone who needs something cheap and reliable the Ignis is very hard to pass by.

Rod’s verdict:
Not so bare bones.


Suzuki Ignis dShe says:

For the price I was pleasantly surprised. The interior is textured plastic which looks good, and there’s generous standard equipment including navigation, cruise, quite reasonable audio, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Audio, and a reversing camera. And rear seat room is not as squeezy as you may think, although only two people will fit back there. The cargo area is such that a big week’s shop will also need the back seat and there’s a space-saver spare under the floor.

The five-speed manual is $16,990 and the auto is only $1000 more, and you’ll get around 500 city kilometres from the 32-litre tank. When was the last time you filled a tank for $42?

It’s an easy car to drive and especially to park, and the driving position is nicely high for excellent visibility all around. This makes it a terrific city runabout and at city speeds the noise levels are acceptable – it’s only over 100 kmh that they become tiresome and only after extended time that the seats become wearing. Around town the ride is also good, and the air conditioning cranks up very quickly.

The Ignis has everything you need and nothing you don’t. For people watching their pennies it’s a great deal; reliable, cheap, supremely economical and well made.

Sheryl’s verdict:
Stick to the city and it’s a great deal.

Published March 2017


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