Car badge HoldenIf you had to draw the badge Holden has been using for years could you do it? Here’s a hint; it’s a lion rolling a rock – a depiction that dates from ancient legends of how the guy who invented the wheel got the idea in the first place. And the lion is facing left.

Now try a harder one; an Alfa Romeo badge. Your hint. It consists of the symbol for the city in which Alfa is based – Milan – along with a serpent swallowing a man. No, seriously.

Okay, here’s an easy one. What about the Ford badge?

06 Car badge ToyotaAn English car sales business recently asked 100 people to draw 10 badges from among the most popular brands in the country, from memory. What surprised about it most was how many came close to the mark. Ford scored best. Surprisingly Toyota, which puts its logo everywhere, did not. Also a big surprise was with Audi. Its symbol is simply four interlinked rings and yet people offered up everything from the Olympic symbol to a three-pointed Mercedes-Benz star.

06 Car badge FordBoth Ferrari and Peugeot use animals rampante in their logs, Ferrari with a horse and Peugeot with a lion, and both of these face to the left. Lots of people got the animal right but had it facing the wrong way.

What could be simpler than the Volkswagen symbol? Oh how so many people stuffed it up, and so comprehensively, presenting everything from a drain cover and shark’s teeth to a single V. One person put the word ‘Volkswagen’ inside a circle. At least it was spelled correctly.

06 Car badge Alfa

Posted March 2020.



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