06 BangleWhen was the last time you tried to change a nappy in a car? If this car looks a little odd to you, well ease and speed of nappy changing was one of the design parameters.

It’s the latest creation of Chris Bangle, who once headed BMW’s design department and was responsible for the ‘does my bum look big in this’ 7-series. According to American industry website Automotive News he is now an automotive exile, but he and his latest creation, an electric commuter car he calls REDS, made an appearance at the 2018 Automotive News World Congress. He says the car, developed for Chinese heavy-truck and bus manufacturer China Hi-Tech Group, has been designed for future Chinese megacities.

“It looks like a little kid’s car,” Bangle told Automotive News. “We started with no assumptions. We didn’t have a brand to work around.” He added that three women on his team were pregnant at the time, forcing everyone to think ahead.

That weird exterior has been designed to maximise interior space, so passengers can lean back when facing one-another.

“It’s not a bunch of hocus pocus,” he assured. “Who are we designing for in the future? Which car can we change a diaper in quicker?”

Published January 2018


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