03 Volvo P1800 (2016_11_22 01_12_41 UTC) According to the World Car Catalogue Volvo’s 1.8-litre, 72-kilowatt P1800 coupe was, in its day, the fastest four-cylinder car in the world. It was also dead sexy. Introduced in 1961, it stuck around until 1972 when a glass hatch was added to the rear, modernising its appearance remarkably. It was also a television star featuring in a weekly 50-minute television spy show starring Roger Moore and called The Saint, which ran over six years and 118 episodes.

So, it was fast and sexy. But it was also reliable as the sunrise. More recently a P1800 achieved worldwide notoriety at the hands of an American named Irv Gordon, who racked up 5.15 million kilometres (3.2 million miles) in his P1800, which he bought new in 1966. He died in November 2018 at the age of 77 while driving the cherry red Volvo through China, having averaged around 170 miles, or 270 km, each day in the 52-year-old car.

03 Volvo Irv Gordon

Posted February 2020.


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