07 Capsule bIf you’ve spent a million bucks or more on a car you want people to know it, right? And that’s the trouble with garages, they hide your dead sexy supercar away in the dark. The alternative is to leave it in the driveway which leads to all sorts of problems with birds, sprinklers, burglars and rain, not to mention vandals and hail storms.

But wait, another alternative is afoot, well afoot in Europe, Asia and the Middle East anyway but bound to catch on here. It’s called the Supercar Capsule and it keeps your car safe, secure and dry while letting your neighbours know exactly what you’re driving even when you’re not driving it.

It’s a glass-sided garage pod and it’s extremely flexible. As well as displaying your car to the neighbours and the street it can also form a wall of the living room so you can sit there and bask in your car’s beauty while eating your evening bangers and mash (an electronically controlled sliding glass or solid panel can be set up should the car need cleaning or if you’ve invited someone around with a more expensive model). Do you have an outdoor barbie area where you entertain your discerning friends? Why not set one up there so they can’t possibly miss your good automotive taste. Do you have two supercars? Simply place one Supercar Capsule on top of another, and access the top car by activating the elevator. And if some uncultured fool misses your car altogether you can set up special lighting inside to emphasise your star attraction.

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The Supercar Capsule hails from Dubai where supercars are kind of like Holdens – everyone has one. But its makers hasten to point out it was designed in Italy, where the great bulk of supercars come from.

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Being a grubby journalist I asked the price of a capsule and after the usual shocked intake of breath and the obligatory tut-tutting I was told that, generally and as a ballpark, customers paid less for the capsule than they spent on the car.

Posted August 2020.


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