Some good ideas, briefly

Some good ideas, briefly

From time to time we see good ideas which for all of that aren’t worth a story on their own. So we wait until we have a few and lump […]


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  • Instant photo collages

    Instant photo collages

    Have you ever seen the children’s books about a piglet named Olivia? They’re a great read, even if you don’t happen to have a suitably small person around. When a […]

  • Look ma, no wires

    Look ma, no wires

    These days it seems that if it isn’t wireless it isn’t a proposition. And audio companies that are desperate to include an easy wireless capability into their products are discovering […]

  • The art of buying headphones

    The art of buying headphones

    Headphones have become the hottest property in hi fi, and it’s because portable music players no longer pump out junk music. With CD-quality storage formats those teensy earbuds just don’t […]

  • VLTVs (Very Large Televisions)

    VLTVs (Very Large Televisions)

    Big televisions – those measuring 140 cm on up – have become the bright spot of a struggling industry. Nobody in the supply chain, from the manufacturer through to the […]

  • Musical desks

    Musical desks

    I’m about the only person I know with decent computer sound. It’s nice to have good music while you’re working, and I know how to rig it up. So I […]

  • How to mute an electric guitar

    How to mute an electric guitar

    These new and unique Vox headphones underline just how differently musicians see the world to all of us peace-loving citizens. These are very clever things and they’re aimed specifically at […]

  • Heat


    The appearance of amplifiers hasn’t changed much over the years, which is why a warranty return made to hi fi salesman Geoff Barrett was so arresting. “It looked like something […]

  • Copping FLAC

    Copping FLAC

    Music stored on computers, smart phones and digital portables has always copped a bad rap from audiophiles and the simple reason for that is that it sounds crook. That’s because […]

  • Speaker placement

    Speaker placement

    Lots of people buy brand new stereo systems and wind up hearing nothing but mono sound. Me, I blame retailers. Think of the last time you went into a major […]