02 BMW 2002 Turbo (9) (2016_11_22 01_12_41 UTC)BMW introduced the two-litre 2002 in 1968, two years after introducing the 1602 with a 1.6-litre motor in the same two-door body. The 2002 came about because two of the company’s senior executives had both stuffed the two-litre from the 2000 sedan into their 1602s and thought it was a great idea. At the same time an influential American dealer was calling for a sportier version of the 1602. The car was an immediate hit, garnering rave reviews and selling to enthusiasts who liked the idea of a small car that actually handled and went fast, a rare commodity indeed in 1968.

And then in 1973 BMW unveiled its first ever turbocharged production car, the 2002 Turbo. It was actually the first turbocharged production car from anywhere since General Motors had experimented with the idea in the 1960s, and it suffered the problems associated with most early turbos; significant and often unpredictable lag between the driver’s demand for power and the engine’s delivery of it. But when you got the timing right it was a weapon. Well for 1973 anyway, delivering 127 kilowatts. It took Porsche to deliver civilised turbos after years of trying, and Saab to bring them to the wider market.

02BMW 2002 Turbo (13) (2016_11_22 01_12_41 UTC)

Posted January 2020


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