Maybach 2There are two types of Maybach; the originals, creations of Wilhelm Maybach and his son Karl after they started their company in 1909, and the ones created by Daimler when they reintroduced the brand in 1997, having bought what remained of Maybach in 1960.

Those originals, svelte, sexy and impossibly expensive, sold in tiny numbers to the mega rich, but modest as their sales may have been, they did better than the Daimler creations.

Maybach car production shut down with the outbreak of the Second World War; the company was given over to the production of engines for tanks and half-track vehicles for the German army. Car production never resumed with the end of hostilities and Maybach turned much of its attention to the

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production of diesel engines. Daimler bought the company and in 1997 introduced two limousines bearing the Maybach brand; the 57 and 62. The numbers referred to their length in decimetres. These were unveiled in Australia in 2003 and sales were projected at 10 a year here, 2000 worldwide annually. They came nowhere close, and by the time Daimler brought production to an end total Maybach sales were less than a tenth of Rolls-Royce, Maybach’s major competitor and a brand Daimler had missed the opportunity of buying in the 1990s. Daimler closed the brand in 2013. It now sells a special edition of its premium S-Class sedan under the Mercedes Maybach name.


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